The Bengal cat is distinct, unique breed derived from crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat. This was done as an effort to preserve the stunning beauty of the Asian Leopard Cat that resembles the Ocelot or Marguay. The offspring of the Asian Leopard Cat Hybrid are called domestic Bengal cats.

Domestic Bengal cats make loving, intelligent house cats with normal litter box habits. Curious and entertaining, some even enjoy playing in water. They enjoy the company of adults and children, and adapt well to other family pets. Their nutritional and immunization requirements are the same as for all domestic house cats.


The Colors And Patterns of the Bengal breed are several and provide a wide variety. The brown spotted tabbies (leopard spotted) have very dark spots on a lighter ground color ranging from gray to very rufous (golden red). Spots vary in color and intensity. Extreme contrast between the markings and ground color is desirable.

The "snow leopard" has spots upon a white or ivory background. The "marble" pattern is comprised of swirls of brown spotted colors flowing in a horizontal fashion instead of traditional spots. The "marble" pattern can also occur in the snow color, creating "snow marble".


Bengal cats are a relatively large cat with male ranging from 10-18 pounds and the females slightly smaller. The face should have a feral expression, with rounded ears and intense facial markings.


At the simplest level, Bengal cats have a lot of personality. They are typically neither an "aloof" cat who ignores you, nor a dull quiet cat. They are very dynamic and are an active part of your family group. Bengals have various key characteristics which make them very special and different.

Bengals are astounding athletes! They can rush around with great glee, climb doors and cupboards, and leap to huge heights. When excited, they often tremble and twitch their tails, or fluff them up into a massive "raccoon tail". The character displayed is akin to 'Tigger' in 'Winnie - the -Pooh' : inquisitive, hyper-active, over-the-top, but very loveable with a heart of gold.

The flip side of the Bengal behavior is that for much of the time, they go to the other extreme and become total softies. They genuinely crave affection and will spend many happy hours curled up on you purring. Bengals also have ridiculously stretching moods when they roll and writhe on their backs in a most uninhibited manner, This makes a lovely compliment to the Bengals' energetic moments.


Bengal cats typically display a wilder "meow" than ordinary domestic cats. It is a sound that is usually reserved to be heard in the dark of night at the base of some mountains or other secluded area. Bengals are not particularly noisy cats, and their purrs are laced with all manner of trills and chirps. They don't constantly commentate, but they do have a varied range of outspoken calls which they use when they feel the need.

We hope this provides background and information, reinforces your decision to select a Bengal cat as your pet. We feel that Bengal cats are the most interesting, rewarding, and fun domestic pets that can be owned!


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